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Fang Congyi

Fang Congyi (Chinese: 方从义 1302-1393), courtesy name Wuyu (無隅), sobriquets Fanghu (方壺), Bumang Daoren (不芒道人), Jinmen Yuke (金門羽客) and Guigu Shanren (鬼谷山人), was a famed Chinese painter during the Yuan Dynasty. Word no corner, the square pot, and also on the supernatant feathers, not Mang Taoist, Kinmen Yu off, Gui Gu Shan people. In the early years of entry, the teacher from the Yongjia people Jinyueyan monastic school, for the Longhu Mountain Shangqing Palace is a school of Taoist priest, after the death of Jin Yueyan, he left the dragon and the mountain travel all over the country, from the north and south, to three years (1343) Beijing), made a lot of literati, painters and dignitaries, the name of the prime minister called him “outside the cross”, the painter Zhang Yan Fu had painted “holy mountain map” gift, was very famous at the time, because not He talked about current affairs, and he was a good man, and soon afterwards, he made his eyes wide open and made great contributions to his paintings.

In his youth he studied and became a Daoist priest, joining the Zhengyi Dao sect at his local temple. After the death of his principal instructor in the early 1340s, Fang traveled along the Yangtze River to the capital Khanbaliq, now Beijing. It was there that he began painting. He obtained a patron, and produced a number of works based on his travels. He primarily painted landscapes.

Fang Congyi painting, and concurrent work poetry, calligraphy. Its painting teacher Dong Yuan, giant, Mi Fu, and learn Zhao Mengfu, Gao Ke Gong of the law. His style of painting chic, pen down rock, the mood of the vast, clean and vulgar of the gas to the characteristics of its paintings. He is good painting Yunshan Mexican opera, the scenery is mostly cold, claustrophobic, rare places: mountain Qifeng, deep valley quiet stream, old trees old house, wild water boat, giving a deep, strange and tragic feeling The His early years of painting rigorous, old age informal, pen penny, full of passion. Handed down not many people to pray for the ceremony, the beginning of the out of one or two. Taste: “Taihang, Juyong world of rock risk, the heroes of the exquisite, are ancient paintings, I see those who are now see this, and have to Yu Zhi, full of my car, I am not if the secular area And to also. “Cover the immortal of the immortal, by the invisible and tangible, although the shape after all, invisible, painted so,

There are more than forty pieces of official works, and there are six pieces of official collections. There are many pieces of private collection: “Shan Yin Yun Xue Tu” Tibetan Taipei National Palace Museum, “Yun Shan Tu” Tibetan Museum, Baiyun deep map “possession of the Shanghai Museum,” Wuyi put the boat map “possession of the Beijing Palace Museum,” Gao Gao Ting Tu “,” Shen Yue Qiong Lin “Tibetan Palace Museum. Later generations that his painting a little “outside the road”, so despite its high frame, artistic attainments deep, but because too heavy, so the impact is not as good as Huang Gongwang, Ni Zan and others.

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God Yueqiong map Yuan Fang from the meaning of God Yueqiong map Yuan Dynasty
paper light color. Vertical 120.3 cm, horizontal 55.7 cm. Taipei Palace Museum.
“Shen Yue Qiong Lin map” is the party from the Yi handed down a larger work. The top of the figure peaks towering, the foot of the river is euphemism, small bridges along the shore, miscellaneous trees lush, cottage looming. Stacked and on the mountain, cracked with long Phi Ma Cun, round thick smooth, Utah, giant law, and the dense rocks of the moss and the dense leaves of the leaves, then through the Mie’s rhyme, but see Dry pen, point with a rub, more fresh. And the contemporaries of the later years of Wang Meng even with a crack, a little, with rub, different and co-workers. Figure rocks with light ink layer dyed, heavy ink and strong texture. Yuan painting of the paper “dry pen wrinkle rub” ink characteristics, in the figure to hearty show. And the side from the meaning of the pen with the quick, point of the free and easy, such as its good at the grass, the picture is full of ups and downs of the dynamic, obviously different from the “Yuan four” calm and quiet. The figure has his chapter grass title: “years in the Zhan Meng large fall on March 11, Gui Gu Shan Fang square pot for the South Ming real God for God Qionglin map.” Know is made in 1366.

Wuyi put the boat map Yuan Fang from Yiwu Yi Zhao Zhao map Yuan Dynasty
paper, ink pen, vertical 74.4cm, horizontal 27.8cm. Beijing Palace Museum.
This painting in the Yuan to nineteen years (1359), painted Wuyi Mountain King. Wuyishan in this province of Chong’an County, Fujian Province, southwest, more than 100 years, there are 36 peaks, 37 rock, during the flow, divided into nine, for the southern scenic spots in China. In ancient times, Taoism called it the sixteenth cave, a region where Taoism was more concentrated. This figure is the party from the right for the same Zhou Jingwei and made. On the right side of the screen a peak towering, the peak of the water in a leaf boat slowly line, the rocks on the shore rugged, during the forest. Pen and ink rich, hearty dripping, the mountain with a long vertical line Cun dyeing, to increase its strong resistance to the towering. The layout of the strange, strokes change, into the ancient law for their own use, showing a unique artistic style. The first question “Wuyi put Zhao” 4 words official script, the left and the title cloud “Jingyue more constitutional Zhou Gong, near Zulan Wuyi, put the sun nine, one year, it is Alice. This is set to send. Zhong Xuan Xing of the. To have been winter, Fang Fang pots of Wushi Mountain knowledge, “seal white text” square pot clear “a printed. This is the title of “Bian Lingzhi”, “Shiqu Bao Ji”, “Chen Rantao”, “Qianlong Royal Treasure”, “three Greek Church fine seal Xi”, “descendants”, “heart reward”, ” “Tao”, “Qianlong Appreciation”, “Tan”, “King” (Fang Lianzhu), “Xu An”, “Ancient Guizhou Chen Shao Shi test”, ” Kam seal 15 square.

Mountain cloud snow map Yuan Fang from Yiyanshan cloud snow map Yuan Dynasty
vertical axis, paper, ink pen. Vertical 62.6 cm, horizontal 25.5 cm. Taipei Palace Museum.
Yuan – Fang Congyi – Shanyin Snow Snow Map
Yuan – Fang Congyi – Shanyin Snow Snow Map
Figure painted peaks in the clouds, the mountain clouds filled with clouds, the foot of the mountain tree spring. Painter to ink stained rocks, plus the Cuan point, white that lingering clouds and not yet melt the snow. Calligraphy simple Yi, is a mountain of Yunshan a line. Self-knowledge “mountain cloud snow”, “Golden Gate Yu Fang square pot imitation noble book, for the chenmei Bachelor for Cangzhou Guan.”