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Extreme tourism

Extreme tourism (also often referred to as shock tourism, although both concepts do not appear strictly similar) is a niche in the tourism industry involving travel to dangerous places (mountains, jungles, deserts, caves, canyons, etc.) or participation in dangerous events. Extreme tourism overlaps with extreme sport. The two share the main attraction, “adrenaline rush” caused by an element of risk, and differing mostly in the degree of engagement and professionalism.

While traditional tourism requires significant investments in hotels, roads, etc., extreme tourism requires much less to jump-start a business. In addition to traditional travel-based tourism destinations, various exotic attractions are suggested, such as flyovers in MiGs at Mach 2.5, ice diving in the White Sea, or travelling across the Chernobyl zone.

Some of the Extreme tourism famous attractions in the world:

Chernobyl Tours – Ukraine.
Swimming in the Devil’s Pool in Victoria Falls – Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Walking the Plank at Mount Hua – China.
Death Road Tour – Bolivia.
Green Zone – Baghdad, Iraq.
Sac Actun tours – Riviera Maya, Mexico
Cave of Swallows – Mexico

Types of extreme tourism
There are many kinds of extreme tourism. Some of them:

Car tourism is the travel of people to countries or areas other than their permanent place of residence, where the private or rented car is the main means of transportation. Car travel is a type of tourism.
Mountaineering is a sport and active recreation, the goal of which is to climb the mountain peaks. The sporting nature of mountaineering consists in overcoming the obstacles created by nature (height, relief, weather), on the way to the top.
Mountain tourism is a kind of tourism, consisting in the movement of a group of people with the help of muscular strength along a certain route laid in a mountainous area in high mountain conditions.
Ski tourism is a kind of sports tourism. The main goal is to overcome the group’s route on skis in the cold season on a small and uninhabited terrain, in high latitudes, in mountainous terrain.
Diving is scuba diving with special equipment.
Industrial tourism, including speleotourism .
Kayaking is one of the types of water tourism, sport or active recreation on the water using a vessel called kayak. A person engaged in kayaking is called a kayaker.
Pedestrian tourism is a kind of sports tourism. The main goal is to hike through a group of routes on a slightly cross-country terrain.
Rafting is a sport rafting on mountain rivers and artificial rowing canals on 6-, 4- and 2-seater inflatable boats (rafts).
Hitchhiking – free movement on a passing vehicle with the consent of the driver.
Lightweight is the trend in tourism, the hallmark of which is the maximum reduction in weight of equipment, without the threat of safety.
Rop jumping is an extreme sport, jumping with a rope from a high object using a complex system of depreciation from climbing ropes and equipment.
Motorcycle tourism is one of the types of tourism in which a motorcycle serves as a means of transportation.

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Water types
Diving (diving) is very popular all over the world. This is a diving suit with an aqueduct and a special waterfall, the bottom of the ocean or the sea, to get acquainted with the underwater world.
Wakeboarding is a combination of water skis, snowboard slopes and seafings. The motorboat takes a wide circus behind it, which creates a wave, and the athlete should jump over that wave.
Water skiing is one of the most popular types of active recreation. These were first discovered in 1922 . Ralph Samwellson, a resident of the American city of Minnesota,
Windsurfing is a diverse sporting event. This is a competition on the surfaces with which little slippers are fastened. Founded in the United States ( 1968 ).
Serfing – The same thing as windsurfing but without sailing. It can speed up to 12 m / s. But its record is 70 km / h.
Rafting – this is a descent by a boat or a special ferry. This is one of the most visited tours and relatively safe. Now it has become very popular and is offered in almost all countries where there are mountain rivers.

Land types
Mountaineering has recently become very popular. This is a bicycle race only on hilly, rocky and dangerous roads. Experienced bikers also perform various tricks.
Cave studies. If we judge that the cave experts are the ones who go free in caves, this is tourism. But at the same time this is science.
X races – this is the way that extreme tourists are so well trained that they can climb rocks, horses, climb mountains, or go down the waterfalls … These people are teams and participate in competitions whose goal is to overcome obstacles as quickly as possible. This is also called multiplayer or adventure competitions.
Mountainous Species
Mountaineering – the most extreme recreation in the world. As a rule, mountaineers prefer summer as the weather allows them to reach the destination at a minimum. Although there are also people who prefer winter, the hardest weather conditions are only the adrenaline.
Mountain skiing. This is one of the oldest types of active recreation. Over the years, the number of those engaged in this sport has not increased dramatically. There are also places in Armenia where skiers can practice skiing. The most famous is Tsaghkadzor.
Snowboarding – this is a snow-capped snowboarding snowball. This is a more aggressive, ultra-violent and active species than mountain skiing. Snowboarding as a separate sport was created in America in the 60s of the 20th century.

Air Types
Parachute Sports – Classic parachutism involves two exercises. The first goal is to land at a specific point at a radius of 3m. And the second goal is to perform various tricks in the air. Competitions are on time.
Team Acrobatics This is a parachute team trick in the air. The number of parachutists is basically 4 or 8. There are also 16 teams. The team of 4 can make up to 30 tricks while landing.
Scouting – these are skiing skies during which various tricks are made.
Base jump. You do not need airplanes or helicopters to fly on parachute. Even the elevator is enough for him. Baseer climbs to the roof of a building and is thrown down.

Airplane Flights This is available for every ordinary person and can be held in almost every country. The length of the flight depends on the wind power. In the case of medium wind, it is 20-30 cm.

Exotic Teasers
Space tourism is the most expensive and most exotic type of extreme tourism. Travel from the planet Earth. Still space tourists can be counted on the fingertips. Such a walk will cost more than $ 20 million.
Jailo tourism is one of the types of exotic and extreme tourism – life with the tribal men of all their habits. This kind of tourism has started developing in Kyrgyzstan. This prefers people who are tired of noisy cities and would like to appear in the primeval life.
Tourism to the north and south poles. Travels to Arctic and Antarctica have recently begun. And more and more people want to be in extreme climatic conditions and see exotic animals. For example, penguins.
Jungle Campaign During these hikes, tourists have the opportunity to melt nature and completely break into civilization. Even if the expedition has modern means of communication, satellite communications can come hours or even days later. That’s why every case can get worse.

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