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Fixa Bruxa

The history of the arrival of water in the population, when installed water compas, the network of pipes and pipes, in the 70’s was quite an event. The story of the founders, says: When the water began to flow from the hills, at dusk, a woman in the form of a siren, reflected the rays of the sun just as the water began to flow through the keys.

Our grandmothers and mothers, know that that moment was like a miracle in the population. Having water from the tap was a qualitative change in our population. This mural created by the company AN ER with Fiya Witch who seeks to reflect that beautiful story.

Fixa Bruxa fromOpen Sky Museum in La Pincoya, Santiago, Chile

The Open Sky Museum in Pincoya is a social project of muralist intervention in the streets of the town. The main objective is to portray the history of the population with a deep look at the popular historical reality through mural art.

The social mural has an important history in the population, since in the years of the civic-military dictatorship they expressed the most horrible pains. From disappearances and executions of their settlers, to murals of collective love. From those years, where the consciences of the settlers could be touched by the sentimental colors of works done by improvised muralist groups of settlers, and by those of Ramona Parra Brigade styles, always trying to tie the dreams that belong to everyone.

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Our project seeks to be an activity of social commitment with the population, reflecting the own histories from the town and for the town. We seek to send a message of equality, dreaming of a more just society for our people, who suffer from discrimination, exclusion in education and health, indebtedness to feed families, among other problems. The reality of Chile from below, from our neighborhoods. The colors in the spaces of the population influence all who pass and see a message that seeks to question reality, to reactivate the neuron of unity and social struggle, because Chile is a very supportive country, but that is dormant.

The murals we have tried to do are related to the historical struggles of the people: the Common Pot, the Urban Colonies, the Pobladora Woman, the Workers, the Children, the Education, the Mapuche People, etc. Murals that are linked to historical and current social demands. For us, the mural is a tool that seeks social transformation, while seeking to beautify and place joy in places where desolation is more evident, to touch the heart of who can question the mural, transforming the sorrows and pains of the Population in rebellion against the antisocial policies imposed by the center-right neoliberal governments.

It is known that the Pincoya population was a place of subversive organization in the times of dictatorship, planning in its grounds the failed attempt to the dictator Pinochet. Therefore, the population before and now has a desire for liberation, which makes more sense when each of its inhabitants becomes aware of the deep social injustice that affects us mostly.

Today the project has become an innumerable group of friends, muralists and graffiteros. Every day there are more urban artists in different corners of Latin America and Chile, who want to contribute to the cause, making a mural in the town. This inspires us more to break the boundaries in all aspects, because the dream is great and makes sense. Some of the artists that have participated so far are creators from various Latin American neighborhoods (Argentina, Colombia and Peru) and from Chile, recognizing us as brothers in the same Latin America subjugated to the machinery of global capitalism, but who are seeking their liberation .