Dotmasters is the founding member of C6 org. This is a new-media-based collective of art-pranksters, active throughout the 90’s. The collective’s aim was to bridge the gap between art and activism with events that would catch all the attention. The collective’s work was merging graffiti, performance, and new media. It was eclectic, generating inspiration from nightclubs and galleries. was an international media art and street art collective centred in London active from 1997 to 2010. The group combined graffiti, new media art and performance art with political commentary throughout the 90s. The founder of the group Leon Sessix also makes street art and stencil graffiti under the name Dotmasters.

Born and raised in London, The Dotmasters is the offspring of, a new-media based collective of art-pranksters. Active throughout the 1990’s, they bridged the gap between art and activism with attention snatching events that pulled no punches. Hitting the headlines worldwide in 1997 with Man in a box”they incarcerated and starved one of their members in a surveillance cube in a gallery in Brighton. Their work was eclectic, merging graffiti, new media and performance from the street, night clubs and galleries generating a steady stream of irreverent broadcasts.

Founding member Leon Seesix, bored of the new-media world and the group dynamic started working under the alias ‘The Dotmasters’ , sideways look at a populist medium says the East London based artist. The Dotmasters possesses a typically English sense of humor, throwing two fingers up at the passer-by with his impeccably detailed stencil work.

As at home in the ghetto as he is in paradise, The Dotmasters work can be found anywhere from a pikey trailer park to the penthouses of Europe and have featured in both Banksy’s Cans Festival in Waterloo and his Oscar nominated feature film ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’.

A frequent collaborator with the Mutoid Waste Company, The Dotmasters love of the sinister has morphed the dark heart of the fair into a twisted set of sideshows, dubbed ‘The Unfairground’. The sideshows can be seen at festivals as far flung as Glastonbury and, Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. High striking Test Your Strength machines stand side by side of rigged knock-‘em-downs (‘The Crack Heads’) and unlikely ball-games of skill such as ‘The Gobbler’.

Leon Sessix, better known for his moniker Dotmasters was born and raised in London. In the early 1990s, he started painting on the streets of Brighton, as he was inspired by stencils of Nemo and Blek Le Rat, on his trip to France in the early 1980s. As a kid aged 12, Leon was familiar with cutting stencils, as his mother used to teach silk screening at a local school. He would help her cut the stencils to print t-shirts. Everything changed when he realized you could spray right through the stencil.

Dotmasters’ work has always been eccentric, and it’s clearly impeccably crafted with meticulous detailing. His style is ever changing and the evolution is real and clear. With a contemporary twist of media and performance merging with graffiti and street art, he brings a new edge to art as we know it. The artist started working under the alias when he got bored of the new-media world and the group dynamic. Now, his work can be found anywhere, from a dead end street to a penthouse in Europe.

Throughout the years, aesthetic has changed for Dotmasters’, although the process has stayed the same. Ranging from black or white for quick hits, or full colors for more legal walls. The artist says that the only piece he can put a style on it is the one which is well crafted. This must be the reason his work has earned him shows at the Cabaret Coltaire, Museum of Modern Arn, Gulbenkian Foundation, and many more prominent galleries and museums.

With a typical English sense of humor, the artist takes a different look at the populist media. His photo-real color stencils create illusions that fool the eye. Dotmasters exhibits internationally and is no stranger to big cooperation and commission. He has been invited to take part in Banksy’s Waterloo, Cans Festival, and to feature in the Oscar-nominated Exit through the Gift Shop. He has collaborated with grassroots activists, luxury brands, and is a driving force behind the independent, urban festival in Norway, called Nuart. Besides this, he has done some work with outcasts, misfits, and drop outs.