Docta from Doxandem Squad, Dakar, Senegal

Doxandem Squad is an international association of
Graffiti artists who promote the art graffiti and urban culture in Senegal and internationally in various artistic forms.

Docta, graffiti artist, is the president of the association Doxandem Squad, which is made up of about 20 members including 15 graffiti artists and 5 administrative volunteers.

Doxandem Squad is at the origin of the Festigraff, an international graffiti and street-wear festival in Africa and the “Graff & Santé” socio-humanitarian caravan.

The aim of the association is to create a cultural receptacle between the artists of the world to promote exchange and provide a framework for the promotion of cultural diversity.

The dynamism of its members and their presence in several countries make Doxandem Squad a lever for raising awareness, exchanging, sharing and contributing to the issues of societies related to culture, environment, health, education and Development.