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DIM2 started graffiti in 2006, Like anyone who launched graffiti in Korea, DIM2 encountered graffiti through the media at first. Films like Wild Style (1983) or Style Wars (1980), the media (the Internet played a huge role), or graffiti occasionally seen in Korea aroused my curiosity, calling me into this world. Most of DIM2’s graffiti is performed on the street.

DIM2 from Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, South Korea

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Gyeonggi MoMA, supported by the provincial government and administered by the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, is actively involved in a contemporary art scene and presents a future-oriented vision through collecting works of contemporary art, conducting research, hosting regular and special exhibitions and operating diverse education programs. Furthermore, by reaching out to other fields and genres in the arts, Gyeonggi MoMA provokes experimentation and expansion in contemporary art. Aside from these activities, the museum also develops programs to encourage local citizens in participation in the arts community, and activities to expand its roles as a museum. Art and everyday life, artwork and viewer, through all the efforts to making a connection between local and global, Gyeonggi MoMA tries enhancing the esthetic sense of the local citizen and meet their need in terms of cultural aspect as public institution representing contemporary art. We will be the one that also give hope and dream to the children, give helping hand of developing creativity the youth, provide life-long learning opportunity to the adults which are experience-oriented contemporary museum.