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Dhamnar Caves

The Dhamnar Caves are caves located in the village of Dhamnar, located in Mandsaur district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. This rock cut site consists of 51 caves, stupas, Chaityas, passages, and compact dwellings, carved in the 7th century CE. The site includes large statues of Gautama Buddha in sitting and Nirvana mudra.

Fourteen caves on northern side are considered historically significant, among which Bari Kacheri (big courthouse) and Bhima Bazar are the most so. The Bari Kacheri cave measures 20 feet square and includes stupas and chaityas. The porch includes stone railing with the wooden architecture. Bhima Bazar cave is the largest among the group, measuring 115 feet by 80 and including vzhara and chaityagruha. It consists of stupas. The roof is in poor condition with support of wooden architecture.

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