Cof from Buenos Aires Graffiti, Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires Street Art is an organization that promotes the street art scene in Buenos Aires. It showcases work by all local and international artists who choose the walls of the city to express themselves. It collaborates and manages art projects generating links between artists, companies, institutions and tourism. Also supports emerging artists starting out with the aim of becoming street artists, helping their growth, encouraging diversity and quality and bringing street art in Argentina to a global audience.

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In 2013, Buenos Aires Street Art collaborated with the creation of one of the most important murals in the city in the neighborhood of Villa Urquiza. During the military dictatorship hundreds of buildings and houses were demolished in the area to make way for a new motorway that was never built. After 2007, this zone with its building sites and abandoned areas became the preferred destination for local and international street artists to leave their creations on its walls. Today, Buenos Aires Street Art continues this work supporting, promoting and collaborating on the management of large scale mural projects. Today the Villa Urquiza and Coghlan is recognized as the city’s first ever urban art district.