The 47th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair was held in Pazhou Complex , the first phase of the exhibition was held from March 18th to March 21st, and the second phase of the exhibition from March 21st to March 31st. As the world’s only home furnishing fair with distinctive features and full themes and the entire industry chain, this year’s exhibition scale is about 750,000 square meters, with nearly 4,000 exhibiting companies and 357,809 professional visitors, giving full play to the entire industry chain and omni-channel resources. The ability to integrate actively empowers the promotion of high-quality development of industries and enterprises in the post-epidemic era.

This year’s CiFF Furniture Fair has implemented precise policies, innovative development, and strived to boost confidence in the industry with continuously improved quality, effects and services. As a world-class furniture event, the China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair actively promotes the coordinated development of the entire industry chain and empowers the transformation and development of furniture companies in the post-epidemic period.

Under the guidance of the new positioning of “design-led, internal and external circulation, and full-chain collaboration”, this year’s Home Expo take “promoting the upgrading of traditional consumption in the home furnishing industry and building a new development pattern for services” as the theme, improving quality while maintaining stability, and seeking change through innovation. Further enhance the design leading function, internal and external circulation function, and the function of the whole industry chain, improve the digital service, and present an innovative, forward-looking and futuristic grand home furnishing event for the whole industry.

China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) is committed to creating the most valuable furniture industry trade platform. The exhibition runs through the upstream and downstream industries of the furniture industry chain, presenting a panoramic view of the latest development trends of the industry. Create a new lifestyle, lead the development trend of the industry, empower the global home consumer market upgrade and future industrial vitality, and help companies to explore domestic and overseas markets.

The exhibition covers the entire industrial chain of large home furnishings, covering civil furniture, ornaments and home textiles, outdoor furniture, office and commercial and hotel furniture, furniture production equipment and accessories and accessories. The exchange and promotion of the exhibition played a pivotal role in the development of the industry, standing at the forefront of the industry, building a communication and sharing platform for exhibitors and visitors, promoting the healthy development of the home furnishing industry, and enjoying the reputation of a barometer of China’s home furnishing industry.

The China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair (CIFF) was established in 1998. Since September 2015, it was held in Pazhou, Guangzhou and Hongqiao in Shanghai in September each year. It effectively radiates the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta, the most dynamic region of China’s economy, and demonstrates the “Fantasy in Spring and Abundance in Autumn”.

With the charm of Twin Cities. The China National Expo covers the entire industrial chain of large home furnishings, covering civil furniture, ornaments and home textiles, outdoor furniture, office and commercial and hotel furniture, furniture production equipment and accessories and accessories, etc. The spring and autumn events brought together more than 6000 top brand companies at home and abroad. New product launches in the home furnishing industry, the preferred platform for commerce and trade.

The China National Expo adheres to innovative development, and has played an important role in promoting international and domestic trade cooperation in the home furnishing industry, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and leading the high-quality development of enterprises. This year’s Home Fair is a unique and splendid industry event. It is positioned to promote the international and domestic double cycle of the home furnishing industry. It plays an active role in promoting the development of the industry and enterprises and ensuring the stability of the furniture industry supply chain and industrial chain.

As a super large furniture exhibition involving the entire industry chain, China International Furniture Fair has opened a new chapter for the recovery and development of the industry. The Home Fair focuses on optimizing the layout of the exhibition, creating the best highlights, and providing a strong guarantee for the new development of the industry. Leading by “internationalization, specialization and marketization”, the fair gather leaders of the furniture industry and contribute wisdom and strength to the further development of the global furniture industry through high-end dialogues.

The 47th CIFF Guangzhou
This year’s CIFF Furniture Fair includes the Civil Furniture Fair, the Office Environment Show, and the Equipment and Ingredients Show. The three major brand exhibitions are committed to promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry with original designs, leading the latest trend of the large home furnishing industry, and it is a transaction that further improves the efficiency and quality of procurement. The platform is a consumption and experience platform that allows people to deeply understand the fashion trends of furniture and meet the needs of a better life.

In the first phase of the exhibition, areas A and B are civil furniture exhibition areas. This year, the civil furniture exhibition area provides high-quality home furnishings for the backbone of the city on the one hand, and on the other hand, it also provides a blueprint for the lifestyle of emerging consumer groups.

The five exhibition halls on the second floor of the exhibition hall in Zone A have unified the design exhibition area, including the contemporary Chinese furniture design exhibition in halls 4.2-5.2, the 3.2 modern design brand hall, the 2.2 overall design hall, and the 1.2 design customization/smart home hall. The exhibition area gathered the Federation, Man Wah, Gujia, Jianwei, Aiyiris, Mousi, Xilinmen, Arran, Weiyi, Hyundai Zhumei, Steiroland, Milo, Four Seas, Weifu, Noah’s, Yi Nuoweishen, Yueli, Zhuoer Baiyi, Deborui, Edwin, Antu Home, Dashi, Artisan, Nordic Quiet, Qinhang, Zhongyuan, Botai, Zimani and other well-known brands, With the design and style of top home furnishing brands, it interprets the boundless gameplay of home life.

For the first time, 15.2 Soft Decoration Design Hall was set up in the Jewelry and Home Textiles exhibition area in Zone C, Global Views, Hanel & S Home, A&B Home, Vivibella, Florenque, Diskai, Omiya, Pigment Block, Nat, Golden Glass Enamel , Marsden and other brands gathered to create a new visual journey of soft decoration design.

The outdoor home furnishing exhibition area in D area created an 18.1 original design pavilion. Brands such as KUNDESIGN, Henggao, Tenghua Story, Diga, Xishan, Vinico, Vips, Sunny Villa, etc. were all unveiled, letting the sky and the sky design and stunning outdoor leisure life.

In the second phase of the exhibition, well-known brands participating in the office environment exhibition include: KNOLL, ITOKI, K+N, FLOKK, Shengao, Baili, Yangtze River, Yongyi, Henglin, Guanmei, Zhaosheng, Zhongtailong, Ma Zu Mingli and other first-line well-known brands also focus on building 5.2 Design Trends Pavilion and 9.3 International Brand Pavilion to inject innovation into office life.

Famous exhibitors in the equipment and ingredients exhibition include: Halma China, Biesse Italy, IMA Italy, SCM Italy, Schattdecor, REHAU, PFLEIDERER, Dilong, Yaodonghua Thousands of domestic and foreign brands, including Dongtai, Taiming, Opec, Xinghui, Adams, etc., have come here to bring more new materials, new processes, and new functions, and bring design inspiration and sources to the industry.

The 2nd Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Fair
The 2nd Contemporary China Furniture Design Fair double the area of ​​2020, using Hall 4.2 and 5.2. Both the scale and the scope of exhibiting companies have been further improved. The leading commercial design brands in the Chinese furniture industry exhibited with brand-new design concepts and appearances, jointly presenting a Chinese furniture design product and lifestyle exhibition that brings the “cultural spring” to the industry. This is an ultra-large-scale assembly of Chinese original furniture design brands. The major Chinese original furniture design brands jointly present new design concepts and design trends for the industry.

CIFF Design Spring Contemporary China Furniture Design Exhibition gathers more than 80 China’s most influential original design furniture brands, hundreds of Chinese artists, designers, and elites from all walks of life to gather at the Home Fair to create a domestic authoritative platform for original design new product releases And the design idea exchange center, played the strongest voice of Chinese design.

Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Exhibition is a unique design feast, and it is also a design event for Chinese original brands. The theme of this year’s Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Exhibition is “Reviewing the past and learning the new, keeping integrity and innovation”. Whether it is a review of past works, new product exhibitions or even the exhibition format, people feel a kind of vigorous vitality.

CIFF Design Spring Contemporary China Furniture Design Exhibition has carefully created four exciting sections: “LIVEin in life”, “DESIGNin in design”, “CREATEin in creation”, and “THINKin in thinking”. In the exhibition, you can feel the various interpretations and almost perfect presentations of the two demands of “continuously realizing the yearning for a better life in China” and “creating an ideal Chinese original design ecology”.

The content section of “LIVE in” is composed of four themed exhibition areas, “Pin Alliance”, “Home·Image”, “Everyone Tea House”, and “Spring Food”. It takes life as the core and seeks certainty in uncertainty. Multi-dimensional exploration of the new Chinese lifestyle, exciting content, powerful lineup, full of aesthetic charm, is the biggest highlight of the second contemporary Chinese furniture design exhibition.

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The theme exhibition area of ​​”Taste Alliance” is co-led by Wen Hao, Hou Zhengguang, and Song Tao. Twenty-five leading figures in the Chinese furniture design industry are invited, with extraordinary brand concept, super professional level, unique aesthetic value, and innovative lifestyle. Bring a new direction for the transformation and upgrading of China’s furniture industry, and a new atmosphere for the Chinese furniture consumer market.

“Longing”: The installation occupies an area of ​​more than 500 square meters, and the installation resembling a bamboo forest constitutes a maze-like scene. Mr. Lu uses poetic design to interpret: a new beginning of Chinese design, a “spring of design” he has been waiting for: a clean space that allows people to look forward to a new beginning, recognizing themselves and rediscovering the world. This is also a highlight of the artistic aspect of the exhibition specially strengthened by the chief curator Song Tao. During the preview, there was a burst of drums, as if spring was about to come.

“Home·Image”: The independent exhibition area belongs to the section of “LIVEin Life”, to deduce his ideal home and life, and it is also original furniture How to cleverly match with the artwork in the home space made an interpretation and became the focus of the exhibition.

“Spring Food”: The theme exhibition area through taste, smell, listen and touch , View the comprehensive experience design, let every visitor feel the subtlety of “people-oriented” in the enjoyment design, and enjoy the Chinese food culture.

The content section of “Design in” is composed of exhibition areas A and B, with design as the core, seeking a balance between certainty and uncertainty, diversification reflecting the vitality of China’s emerging brands, determined to innovate, free and open, and full of design. Charm is the second highlight of this year’s Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Exhibition.

“Under Design” A and B exhibition areas appear in the two exhibition halls of the Contemporary China Furniture Design Exhibition at the same time. In particular, the layout of the design street in the B exhibition area, which directly runs through the two halls, surely make people linger, forming a popular “design backstreet”.

The content section of “CREATE in” is composed of “May Fourth/Creation Experiment Exhibition”, “YUAN MUSEUM Series Exhibition”, “Three People Must Have My Teacher: Backlight Design Exhibition”, and “Elle Deco Home Gallery” “Design Acceleration” exhibition. Taking creation as the core, exploring uncertainty in certainty, from extension to connotation, full of creative charm, is the third highlight of this year’s contemporary Chinese furniture design exhibition.

“May 4th/Creation Experiment Exhibition”: Seeking the unknown in the known, tracing the process of uncertainty from the deterministic result, insight into a more essential and profound design spirit, and injecting courage and wisdom into continuous innovation.

The process-driven “black” section invites mature creators and design brands, presents creators’ explorations and even failed reflections in the form of documents, interviews and model materials, presents the exploratory nature of contemporary Chinese design, and encourages design The experimental nature and unlimited exploration of creation.

The “white” section driven by the unknown invites “young” and “marginal” new creative forces with experimental spirit, and the value of thinking triggered by an open mind and a unique perspective goes beyond the work itself. “Young” no longer refers to age but state and character, as well as a strong rebellious and anti-trend creative spirit.

The “YUAN MUSEUM Series Exhibition” gathers outstanding works of Chinese metalworking and lacquer art, showing the value and meaning of the craftsmanship of the current era, and exploring the expression of “being” from “nothing”. Through this exhibition, the spirit of ancient artifacts was re-displayed, allowing the public to have a new understanding of the academic and commercial value of artifacts while appreciating the beauty.

“Three people must have my teacher: Backlight Design Exhibition” with six lighting brands in Zhongshan Guzhen and Huayi Plaza. Aims to intervene in original design with industry demands and deeply assist the transformation and upgrading of Chinese lighting enterprises.

“Design Acceleration”: The exhibition has one space, four sections, and thousands of possibilities. “ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery” borrows the power of design itself and uses a “book” of visual, audible, and enjoyable three-dimensional books to take you on an immersive design journey, traveling through the time axis of “China Interior Design Yearbook”. Entering the “design field”, under the video perspective of the micro-record of “ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery”, you was in the spiritual world of design industry leaders and observe the cutting-edge and unique cultural attitudes.

The content section of “THINK in” is composed of “Research and Language” six school teachers’ work exhibition, “Inner Landscape” forum, “Design Spring” annual award, “Fashion Home” and “Spring Time Appreciation” China Original Design Award. Taking thought as the core, seeking the unity of knowledge and action between the known and the unknown, and full of the charm of thought, is the fourth highlight of the 2nd Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Exhibition.

“Research · Language”: The works are both full of tension and academic conservatism. Practice in teaching, teaching in practice, and continuous research and innovation has made their “spiritual spirit” the “prime power” for innovative talents.

The “Inner Landscape” forum points to five perspectives and logical clues: profession, life, business, culture, and society. From different perspectives, they share opinions and experiences, and discuss opportunities and motivations for the development of Chinese original design brands.

Surrounding activities
During the exhibition, more design exchange activities was held, including a series of design exhibition forums, and many more design forums was held wonderfully, jointly presenting new global design trends. The 2nd Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Exhibition brings multiple theme exhibitions such as “Designing”, “Three People”, “Everyone Tea House”, “May 4th Theme Area”, “Yuan Museum”, “Six School Teachers’ Works Exhibition”, etc. Original design forum.

2030+ International Future Office Exhibition open up new themes, new concepts and new trends in the field of international future office methods. There are also the “CMF Trend Lab” that interprets forward-looking design trends and brings the latest solutions, the “China Design Headline Yearbook Awards Ceremony” that brings together the strongest voices of Chinese design, and the “New Consumption Trend Play Show” that combines local culture and design in Guangzhou “, “Design Thousand Talents Plan” for incubating young and cutting-edge designers, “Easy Party” for parallel space to see the world from a different perspective, “My Dad is a Designer” to create a special children’s space, DDS Contemporary Home Trends Concept Exhibition, etc. .

Business platform
The 47th China National Expo (Guangzhou) was grandly held in Pazhou, Guangzhou. With the strong support of all parties in the industry, the Home Fair give full play to the unique advantages of the “first camp of Chinese furniture brands” and the chain exhibition platform, with the world’s leading high-quality, large-scale advantages of the entire industry chain and accumulated years of high-quality Exhibitors and precise audience resources present a grand home furnishing feast for the whole industry.

The China National Expo not only continue to exert efforts in design, domestic sales, and service, but also continue to adhere to foreign trade and export, polish the traditional golden signs more brightly, give full play to the export trade function, and continuously improve the quality and effect.

The “CIFF Global Partner” program extensively invites international buyers and cross-border e-commerce sellers of furniture and home furnishings to provide a platform for cross-border e-commerce sellers and brands to communicate and connect. The exhibition site also hold a matchmaking meeting between international buyers and exhibitors, and leverage on the online platform to invite more international buyers to release purchasing requirements and connect with exhibitors during the exhibition; at the same time, innovate the content and forms of communication, and take multiple measures to promote domestic International double loop.

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