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Chalkboard art

Chalkboard art or chalk art is the use of chalk on a blackboard as a visual art. It is similar to art using pastels and related to sidewalk art that often uses chalk. Chalkboard art is often used in restaurants, shops or walls.

Chalk art is a drawing of indelible pictures and characters on a special paint-painted blackboard, and is a technique of signboard art used as a commerce-based art to decorate in the shop front of a restaurant or in a shop.. At present, it has been widely recognized as being introduced to various fields such as portrait, welcome board and interior. There are many pop impressions and works of high brightness by the ingenuity of materials and colors, and it is an art with a unique presence.

The origin of chalk art is said to be a pub sign in the UK. He traveled to Australia with British immigrants and became a more colorful and artistic present form by Australian signboarders. Originally drawn in chalk, depending on the needs for durability and color, oil pastels will gradually become mainstream. Today, regardless of the type of drawing material, all art drawn on a blackboard is called chalk art.

Chalkboard art is ephemeral.

Chalkboard artists
Chalkboard artists include Catherine Owens, Chris Yoon, Maggie Choate, Bryce Wisdom, CJ Hughes.

Chalk art in Australia
It is found relatively frequently throughout Australia, especially in restaurants in Brisbane, Queensland and the Gold Coast. In Australia, art has been recognized as a way of signboarding rather than art, but in recent years there have been more artists and workshops active in many fields, including ornamental paintings, tableware such as lunch mats, dishes and cups, We are developing a wide range of products such as nameplates for personal residences, watches, name tags, etc., and are now being recognized as a field of art originated in Australia.

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On the Gold Coast there is a vocational school directly led by a chalk artist, and after taking a few hours of lessons, all students will receive their own private qualification certificate from each school. Australian female artist Monique Cannon is widely known as a lecturer, and the school of female artist Lisa Pollack and Jeff Hapfeld who worked as a lecturer in the atelier of Monique Cannon is active. This system, which receives direct instruction from a professional in the active artist’s workshop, is a unique system jointly planned and developed by the Australian Adventur Study Tours (AAST), and this new system originally uses its own techniques outside It changed the recognition of the Australian artist who did not want to convey it, and it drew attention as a unique specialty school that is unmatched even in Australia. Also, since AAST, which is in charge of planning and PR, is a Japanese-affiliated company, it is also characterized that most of the trainees are Japanese.

Chalk art in Japan
Chalk art in Japan began when people who learned the technology in Australia brought it back to Japan. At present, chalk art is being widely recognized in Japan as well as in Australia, and the number of participants of each chalk art class and the number of graduates of each Australian school are also increasing. An increasing number of graduates are taking chalk art lessons as instructors, and now it is possible to purchase works freely in Japan and to take lessons in the classroom. The first established association in Japan is the “Japan Choke Art Association”, and many other associations and organizations have been established since then. However, in the case of graduates of a school sponsored by an Australian vocational school and each association of Japan, everyone is given a private qualification certificate and has the same title, so the ability of each person to differ is considerably different depending on their ability. There is a case (as well as the instructor). Even if you take lessons, the tuition fees are often higher than the Australian vocational schools. The three chalk art rights groups that exist in Japan are characterized by their own distinct activities.

There is also a Guinness World Record, and on October 12, 2014, the Juzu Club of the Uozu Chamber of Commerce is judged whether the theme is at a Mirage Land event in Uozu City, or the picture is drawn perfectly, and 308 sheets are certified, Changed the conventional record.

Voluntary organizations working in Japan
Japan Choke Art Association
CAA Japan Choke Artists Association
Monique Chalk Art Association

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