Category: Folk Culture

Kamthieng House Museum, Bangkok, Thailand

Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros, Mexico City, Mexico

Museum of Old Mexican Toy, Mexico City, Mexico

Museum in St. Ignatius College of Loyola Biscaynes, Mexico City, Mexico

Estanquillo Museum, Mexico City, Mexico

Tequila and Mezcal Museum, Mexico City, Mexico

National Museum of World Cultures, Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City

Museum of Popular Art in Mexico City, Mexico

Jomon Jiyukan Museum, Sannai Maruyama Archeological Site, Aomori Prefecture, Japan

Former Hokkaido Government Office Building, Sapporo, Japan

JRA Horse Racing Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Hokkaido Museum, Sapporo, Japan

Boshan colored glaze Museum, Shandong, China

Ethnography Museum of Neuchâtel, Switzerland