Category: Exhibition

Interpretation Center, National Pantheon of Portugal

Dina Salvador: The Power of the Sublime, National Pantheon of Portugal

Relics and Reliquaries, Saint Roch Church Museum

Saint Roch and the Plague, Saint Roch Church Museum

Main Chapels and Altars on the north side, Church of Saint Roch in Lisbon

Chapels on both sides, Church of Saint Roch in Lisbon

General Decoration, Church of Saint Roch in Lisbon

Sacristy, Church of Saint Roch in Lisbon

House of the Future on the Cloud – Living in a Smart City, Portuguese Communications Museum

Overcoming Distance, Portuguese Communications Museum

The underwater cable in a sea of ​​connectivity, Portuguese Communications Museum

Mala-Posta, Portuguese Communications Museum

Farnese Gallery, Capodimonte National Museum

The French Halls, Capodimonte National Museum

Royal Apartment, Capodimonte National Museum