Category: Exhibition

History and Culture of Chinese Fan, China Fan Museum

Stefano Arienti interprets art in Mantua in 20th century, Palazzo Te

Nature, myths and emblems, Palazzo Te

The Empire and the Giants, Palazzo Te

Giuseppe Acerbi Egyptian Collection, Palazzo Te

Mondadori Collection, Palazzo Te

Gonzaga Collection, Palazzo Te

The Secret Garden, 360° Video, Palazzo Te

Loggia of David, 360° Video, Palazzo Te

Chamber of the giants, 360° Video, Palazzo Te

Hall of the Horses, 360° Video, Palazzo Te

Chamber of Amor and Psyche, 360° Video, Palazzo Te

The hall of wonders, 360° Video, Bibiena Theater

The Craftsmanship of Alexander McQueen, 360°Video, British Fashion Council

Proregress: Art in an Age of Historical Ambivalence, 12th Shanghai Biennale