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Convent, Palace of Mafra

Basilica, Palace of Mafra

David LaChapelle 1984-2013. Lima Contemporary Art Museum

Aesthetic world of Gianni Versace, Madrid Costume Museum

Oscar De La Renta, His Legendary World of Style, SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film

Imprints of Buddhas: the Buddhist Art Collection, Southern Branch of the Taiwan National Palace Museum

Intermedia Theater, Nam June Paik Art Center

The Life and Works of William Butler Yeats, National Library of Ireland

Chua Ek Kay: After the Rain, National Gallery Singapore

Wu Guanzhong: Beauty Beyond Form, National Gallery Singapore

Famous dancer, National Intangible Heritage Center, South Korea

Corteo Storico, 360° Video, Palio of Siena

The Fall Of The Rebel Angels, 360° Video, Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Navigation of Mantula River, 360° Video, Mantova Urban Museum

Rei Kawakubo: Japanese design redefine beauty, 360° Video, Kyoto Costume Institute