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Carlo Dalgas

Carlo Eduardo Johan Dalgas (born November 9, 1821 in Naples, died January 2, 1851 in Schleswig City), was the Danish golden age artist. Dalgas was mainly landscape painter with motives of sheep and cows.

Carlo Dalgas was a Danish animal painter. He was the brother of the military Enrico Mylius Dalgas.Both the artist’s parents, Jean Antoine Dalgas (born 1788, 1835), the grocery and Danish consul in Livorno and Johanne Thomine, born de Stibolt (born 1792, 1871), were born in Denmark, but lived in Italy, where his son was born in Naples.

He was raised in Copenhagen and visited the Royal Academy of Art from 1837. After exhibiting 1843 he won the Neuhausen prize prize for a party of a zoo in 1848, sold a Faareflock to the Royal Painting Collection, and had received the Academy’s travel support when the war in 1848 called him under the tab voluntary.

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Dalgas would be animal breeders and had already done serious studies in the Royal Painting Collection, where he was influenced by Dutch animal readers and partly in nature with young, forward-looking companions, so that he stood as a promising talent when the war stopped his business. In the Copper Collection, part of his drawings is preserved.

He participated in all three campaign missions and was in the last race of the war at Møllhorst, where he was severely injured on December 31, 1850 and dead January 2, 1851.