Carlito Dalceggio

Carlito Dalceggio’s openness and inclusive approach made him an obvious choice of artist for this mural. Through the vivid and whimsical use of universal iconography he explores themes that are dear to him, such as peace and harmony among people. Carlito Dalceggio wanted to contribute to the beautification of their environment and painted every day alongside the artist, decorated the pavement with chalk, wall was covered in graffiti, the target of vandalism and the merchants wanted to bring a creative and colorful solution to the problem.

Carlito Dalceggio from MU Montréal, Canada

MU is a charitable non-profit organization whose mandate is to transform Montreal’s public spaces by creating murals that are rooted in local communities. MU’s projects are designed to promote the democratization of art and local development. Over the past seven years, MU has produced 70 large-scale murals in 15 neighbourhoods of Montreal.