Artissima 2018: Time is on our side, Turin, Italy

In 2018 Artissima celebrates its 25th anniversary and includes many new features, such as a new curated section, Sound dedicated to contemporary sonic research and set up outside the institutional spaces of Artissima, at the OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni of Torino, which joins the established Back to the Future, Present Future and Disegni areas, coordinated by international boards of curators and directors and respectively focused on the great pioneers of contemporary art, on emerging talents and on drawings.

Artissima 2018, as its theme suggests, delve into the notions of “time”. Time is on our side as the fil rouge of the 25th edition is seen not as a static freeze-frame of memory and celebration, but as a dynamic flow capable of setting the pace of change, while capturing the emotional suspension time activated by works of art.

The “time” of Artissima thus takes on a dual value: that of an eloquent past, and that of a future open to creative explorations. The fair begins, in fact, from its own history and identity – a consistent path of constant renewal and experimentation, but always capable of conserving its own recognizable character – in order to take part in the construction of the future history of art.

The vitality of Artissima and its innovative force resonate throughout the city, thanks to the active cooperation of many public institutions, museums, foundations and galleries, in a context of interaction with cultural projects across the Region.

The fair once again present 8 gallery sectors, four curated (Present Future, Back to the Future, Disegni and Sound) and four selected by the fair’s committee (Main Section, New Entries, Dialogue and Art Spaces & Edition), including a brand new one titled Sound dedicated to this artistic medium in a premier fashion. The visitors can also enjoy a new educational project titled Artissima Experimental Academy, to be kicked-off with the DAF struttura during the event.

Artissima will also give out seven prizes for artists and galleries, assigned by international juries: Fondazione Ettore Fico Prize, illy Present Future Prize, Sardi per l’Arte Back to the Future Prize, Campari Art Prize, OGR Award, Refresh Irinox Prize, and this year’s new honor, the EDIT Dinner Prize.

Artissima also presents established galleries (Main Section), young galleries that have opened over the last 5 years (New Entries), projects that interface 2 or 3 artists (Dialogue), and a section on contemporary art publications (Art Spaces & Editions).

Artissima also has a significant economic impact on the city, generating an influx equal to 3.7 million euros each year, above and beyond its budget of expenditure. The fair thus confirms its dynamic role, contributing to the growth of the Italian art market, stimulating and supporting collectors with an eye on innovation in a continuously evolving critical and curatorial vision.

The Exhibition
Dedicated to art professionals and lovers alike, Artissima has been focusing on experimental practices, providing a platform for both established and emerging galleries and artists. For a quarter century now, it has been an important player on the Italian art market and a keen preserver of the arts through projects that explore both the past and the future. Directed by Ilaria Bonacossa for the second year in a row, the Artissima art fair will reach a milestone in 2018 and mark 25 years of existence. 189 exhibitors from all over the planet for yet another celebration of contemporary art.

“Time is on our side”, on the side of those who want to discover and intensely experience the world of art, savouring and reflecting, opening to otherness and change. Our time is the time devoted by galleries to the discovery and rediscovery of artists, to the production of their works and to support their creative research. The time of images capable of activating thoughts and emotions rather than being passively consumed. The time of listening in the new Sound section, a surprising journey through 15 sound installations.

The accelerated time of exploration of opportunities offered by the digital dimension. The time of drawing that is simultaneously a work in progress and a finished project, classic medium transformed by contemporary interpretation and innovative ways of thinking. The creative time of Artissima Junior in which young visitors to the fair, together with an artist, will produce a large environmental installation. The time of coexistence and aural and visual co-design of our “Experimental Academy” to transform the fair into a space for creation, and for the training of young artists. The time of sharing and the experience of an artist’s dinner, to sample new convivial approaches. The time for commemoration of great artists. The time of Torino, a city suspended between past and future, between Egyptian treasures and contemporary installations, regal glories and working-class memories, engineered rationalism and esoteric magic.

Across 20,000 square meters of exhibition space at the OVAL in Turin and divided into 8 sections, Artissima 2018 will present 189 booths dedicated to 40% of Italian and 60% of foreign galleries. Four of these sections – Main Section, New Entries, Dialogue and Art Spaces & Editions – are selected by the fair’s committee, while the other four – Present Future, Back to the Future, Disegni and the aforementioned Sound – are curated by teams of international curators and directors. The first four sectors will present 136 galleries, of which 94 in the Main Section, 14 in New Entries, 19 in Dialogue and 9 in Art Spaces & Editions

The curated sectors will present the rest, starting with Present Future, now in its 18th year. Curated by Cloé Perrone, Myriam Ben Salah and Juan Canela, it will feature original projects by 18 artists by 19 galleries created specifically for Artissima. One of these artists will receive the illy Present Future Prize, which will include a solo show in the spaces of the Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art.

In Back to the Future, the visitors can rediscover the pioneers of contemporary art. The 9th edition will concentrate on the years between 1980 and 1944, under the guidance of curators Anna Daneri, Cristiano Raimondi, Gabriela Rangel and Pietro Rigolo. Here, we can expect 21 artists presented by 23 galleries. The most interesting projects will receive the Sardi per l’Arte Back to the Future Prize.

Main Sections
Artissima, Italy’s leading contemporary art fair, to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The wonderful opportunity to fall in love with the latest developments in art through the works of more than 1,000 artists presented by 195 galleries from 35 countries.

Alongside the four sections selected by the fair’s committee (Main Section, New Entries, Dialogue, Art spaces & Editions) and the 3 curated ones (Present Future, Back to the Future, Disegni), this year Artissima will also feature Sound, a new off-site project in collaboration with OGR dedicated to artists working with sound.

94 established galleries working internationally, 14 emerging galleries participating at Artissima for the first time, 19 galleries presenting one to three artists in dialogue.

Art Spaces & Editions: Limited editions, prints and multiples by contemporary artists and non-profit spaces.

Present Future: 18 solo shows by young artists curated by Cloé Perrone (coordinator), Myriam Ben Salah, Juan Canela.

Back to the Future: 21 museum-quality solo shows dedicated to the rediscovery of the years 1980–94 curated by Anna Daneri (coordinator), Cristiano Raimondi, Gabriela Rangel, Pietro Rigolo.

Disegni: 23 booths dedicated to the most relevant developments in drawing as an undisputed medium for contemporary artistic practice, curated by João Mourão and Luís Silva.

Sound (new): 16 monographic sound installations selected by Yann Chateigné Tytelman and Nicola Ricciardi.

Other Sections
The fair will feature eight sections—four of which curated, including a new section devoted to sound—, seven important awards, an enticing programme of collectors and curators-guided tours and talks, new digital developments, and new exiting projects.

Educational projects
Artissima Experimental Academy is a new educational project in collaboration with COMBO extending beyond the four days of the fair and featuring a series of encounters and events for art professionals. The first appointment of the “Artissima Experimental Academy” – realised with the support of Fondazione per l’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT – happens during the fair with the project DAF Struttura curated by Zasha Colah in collaboration with Jan St. Werner, founder of the music group Mouse on Mars, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Nuremberg, and visiting professor at MIT.

Artissima Junior, conceived and realised in collaboration with Juventus, involves young visitors in an immersive artistic experience of participation. The project, curated by ZonArte, is organised as a workshop space where hundreds of children, together with the South American artist Alek O., are invited to make a large environmental installation. Disegnare l’invisibile, in collaboration with Moleskine, features itinerant and performative drawing lessons led by the artist Marzia Migliora to involve art lovers students in a new experience, poised between creation and contemplation of contemporary art.

Digital projects
Artissima Digital, the digital platform of Artissima, implemented in 2017 to provide moments of in-depth coverage and to offer a virtual experience of the fair 365 days a year, optimised its processes, for the second year with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo.

Within this project and in order to celebrate its 25th anniversary, the fair launched Artissima Stories. 25 Years of Art, an exclusive programme of interviews in blog and video formats, coordinated by Edoardo Bonaspetti and Stefano Cernuschi with Anna Bergamasco: 25 stories about Artissima, 25 viewpoints on the leading contemporary art fair in Italy and its transformations, on Torino and on contemporary art. To celebrate the 25th anniversary and in the direction of a constant digital renewal, Artissima also launched a brand new online VIP area, enriched with new features, exclusive contents and useful information, in order to provide its guests the best support during the fair.

Other special projects
UniCredit, main partner of Artissima for 16 years, encouraged by the success of the last four editions, presents the Art Advisory service, a free, independent consulting service aimed at those who already collect art, but also and above all at people who are fascinated by art but are not always able to get their bearings at the fair, and also seek guidance regarding the legal, taxation and insurance aspects of collecting. Expert consultants will be available by appointment in the special UniCredit space inside the fair.

Carol Rama_100 years of seductions, an exhibition project in collaboration with Fondazione Sardi per l’Arte, celebrates 100 years from the birth of Carol Rama, that illustrates the eclectic personality of an artist who has left her mark on Italian contemporary art. Alfabeto Treccani is the new project of Artissima in collaboration with Treccani, curated by Ilaria Bonacossa: an encyclopedic narrative of Italian contemporary art in images, through a series of art multiples created specifically by Italian artists from different generations.

The Edit Dinner Party celebrates the birth of The EDIT Dinner Prize, a prelude to the artist’s dinner the first winner will create at Artissima 2019, coordinated by Massimo Bartolini in collaboration with award-winning chefs Costardi Bros. The project is organised with evening dinners seen as sequential chapters of a single story, each with the participation of 60 guests who will discover the event’s characteristics only through direct experience.

Artissima is Italy’s most important contemporary art fair. Artissima is Italy’s long running and exciting contemporary art fair. The event focuses on providing a platform for experimental and innovative creativity. Many galleries participate every year.

More than 200 exhibitors are indeed expected at the show each edition. The artwork is divided into different curated parts offering something a little different. Firstly, there is the main section. Secondly, there is a part introducing new and young artists under 40 yearls old. Thirdly, a section presents solo shows for the period covering 1960 – 1990. Finally, a last section is devoted entirely to drawings. As a lively and inspirational event, Artissima attracts numbers of art lovers and professionals. It takes place in the autumn each year in Torino which holds as well.

Present Future is the section Artissima has devoted to emerging talents, less than 40 years old, selected by a board of young curators from around the world. The artists are presented by their representing galleries and the works include new productions as well as projects that are being displayed for the first time in Italy and Europe.

Back to the Future is the section that Artissima has devoted to great pioneers of contemporary art. The section – also open to Artists’ Estates – displays works realised between 1960 and 1999. The section aims to bring international artists who have played a fundamental role in contemporary art back into the limelight. For the general public, Back to the Future is a unique opportunity to get to know important works from those years in a dialogue with today’s experimentation.

Disegni is the section of Artissima devoted to the expressive medium of drawing. The section is intended to celebrate an artistic discipline capable of expressing the immediacy of and the thinking behind the creative gesture, existing in a space suspended between idea and finished work.

Since its establishment in 1994, it has combined the presence of an international market with a focus on experimentation and research. Artissima will present three exhibition projects in the museums of Fondazione Torino Musei (Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Palazzo Madama – Museo Civico d’Arte Antica and Museo d’Arte Orientale). 2020, a new format, extended throughout the city and online that brings together physical exhibitions and digital projects.