Architecture of Lagos

he architecture of Lagos is an eclectic mix of different types, styles and periods. Buildings range from traditional vernacular architecture to tropical, modern architecture or a mixture. The oldest European-styled buildings date back to the 17th century. Elements of Portuguese architecture introduced by returnee ex-slaves from Brazil and the Caribbean, although present all over the city, predominates in Lagos Island. Colonial-styled architecture flourished during the Lagos Colony. The Lagos skyline is a mixture of modern high rise buildings, skyscrapers, dilapidated buildings and slums. Lagos has the tallest skyline in Nigeria. Skyscraper construction commenced in the 1960s. Several iconic class A office and mixed-use buildings have been built by reputable international developers and private equity firms. Modern buildings and structures have been a continuous development till date.

Notable buildings

Iga Idunganran
Ilojo Bar
Water House
National Arts Theatre
National Stadium
Bookshop House
Independence House
City Hall, Lagos
St. Nicholas Building
Federal Palace Hotel
Union Bank Building
Eko Hotels and Suites
Tejuosho Market
Ikeja City Mall
The Wings Towers
Shitta-Bey Mosque
Cathedral Church of Christ, Lagos
Heritage Place
Nestoil Tower

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