Antique car collection, Shanghai Auto Museum

The collection houses more than 40 antique cars, covering more than 20 car brands. The time span extends from the early days of the car to the 1970s and is divided into six exhibition halls in chronological order. Among the exhibits are the small single-seat convertibles of the original carriage style, as well as the early luxury cars such as Lincoln, Rolls Royce and Cadillac, as well as high-performance racing cars and sports cars.

The museum is located on the second floor of the Shanghai Automobile Museum. It was renovated in four months and was completely upgraded from the original antique car museum. The new exhibition area is nearly 2,000 square meters and was newly opened in April 2014. The exhibition space includes seven sections, such as “Boiled Age”, “Golden Years”, “All the Way”, “Swaying Car Shadow”, “Mini Charm” and “National Dream” and “Legend Car”. The exhibits cover nearly 100 years of production. Forty precious vintage cars.

The collection has a full range of antique car models, a 1/8 oversized model, and a detailed body detail. A series of antique refueling equipment exhibits more than 30 pieces, distributed in all corners of the pavilion, from the hand-cranked oil pump produced in the 1910s to the glass cylinder oil pump that can monitor the quality of oil in the 1920s. The cart, and the watch-type metering oil pump of the 1930s, fully shows the historical changes of the gas station.


1886 “Benz 1” tricycle

1902 Peugeot Type 39
1904 Oldsmobile “Bent baffle”
1907 Ford S
1907 Cadillac M
1922 Austin Type 7
1931 Chrysler Empire
1935 Auburn 851SC
1936 Buick Century 60
1941 Buick 56-S
1948 Maserati EBS
1948 Chrysler Urban and Rural
1950 Ford Club
1951 Jaguar XK120
1951 Volkswagen Beetle
1952 Jaguar Mark VII
1954 Chevrolet Corvette
1955 Ford Thunderbird
1955 Cadillac Gold Country
1955 Mercedes Benz 300SL
1958 Fiat 500

1959 Red Flag CA72

1960 BMW Iseta

1964 Shanghai SH760

1964 Jaguar E type

1966 Ford Mustang GT

1969 Toyota Corolla

1970 Pontiac GTO

1974 Shanghai SH760A

1983 Shanghai Volkswagen Santana

1985 Ferrari Testa Rosa

Shanghai Auto Museum, China
The Shanghai Auto Museum is an automobile museum located in Anting, Jiading District, Shanghai, China. It was designed by the Architectural Design & Research Institute of Tongji University and IFB from Germany.

The museum is China’s first dedicated auto museum and opened to the public on January 17, 2007. It features a display of about 70 classic automobiles and automobile history and development. It is divided into three pavilions: History Pavilion, Antique Car Pavilion, and Exploration Pavilion. The History Pavilion houses 27 cars representing milestones in automotive development. The Antique Car Pavilion contains 40 cars from 20 different manufacturers dating between 1900 and 1970. The museum houses Chinese and foreign car models including Fords, Fiat 500, Austin 7, Rover P5, Jaguar E-Type and a GM EV1. The museum is located in the Auto Expo Park of Shanghai International Automobile City.

“Communication and integration of space, visual penetration and communication” is the essence of Shanghai Automotive Museum architecture and a challenge to traditional automobile museums. The internal flow and the shared space between the top and bottom of the museum enable the maximum visual communication of the viewer space inside the museum. Terraces and roof decks at different levels allow visitors to gain access to the most natural spaces. The building’s façade uses a large area of transparent glass, allowing visitors to enjoy the natural landscape of the surrounding parks to the fullest extent. At the same time, a large number of flowing curves are used in the architectural form, which symbolizes the trajectory of the car under high-speed conditions, and has a strong sense of modernity, reflecting the sports theme of the automobile museum;


The Shanghai Automobile Museum system has combed the development history of the world’s automobiles and established its own research institute. Its display content has formed a complete main line centered on automobile history, automobile humanities and automobile technology in the field of automobile science education. And car enthusiasts provide a great place to learn about car history, explore car technology, and interpret car humanities.

The comprehensive brand display has made the Shanghai Automobile Museum the best platform for cultural exchanges among major automobile brands. The collection of many international and domestic automobile brands has also made the Shanghai Automobile Museum a fashion place to experience automobile culture and experience automobile art. A wider range of car enthusiasts provide a platform for communication, gatherings and entertainment.

Visitors can play in the Auto Expo Park located in the Shanghai Automobile Museum. Shanghai Auto Expo Park is a comprehensive park with the theme of car entertainment, car exhibition and car culture. The park creatively integrates the elements of the car into the landscape elements of the park, forming different thematic areas.

The Shanghai Automobile Museum has built a variety of conference facilities for large, medium and small, to meet the leisure and meeting needs of enterprises and institutions. At the same time, the car theme leisure bar in the museum, the roof garden, the car library and other areas allow visitors to enjoy the car culture while relaxing. The museum also provides visitors with car souvenirs, car models, car books, car art and so on that can meet the needs of different levels of tourists.