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Amos Cassioli

Amos Cassiòli (Aug 10, 1832 – Dec 17, 1891) was an Italian painter, of battle scenes, historical canvases and portraits He worked in a Purismo style

Cassioli was born in Asciano After studying at the Sienese Academy of Fine Arts under Luigi Mussini, a stipend from Grand Duke Ferdinand IV of Tuscany, enabled him and Angelo Visconti to study in Rome At the end of 1860 he established himself in Florence which, although he maintained his links with Siena, became his permanent home

After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Siena with teacher Luigi Mussini, Cassioli between 1856 and 1860 had the opportunity to stay in Rome thanks to a scholarship awarded by the Grand Duke of Tuscany Ferdinando IV

At the end of 1860, he moved to Florence, which became his permanent home, although he continued to maintain continuous relations with Siena

Cassioli was an excellent portrait artist, and he also distinguished himself for great works on a historical subject such as the Battle of Legnano (1860-1870, Florence, Palazzo Pitti’s Modern Art Gallery, Siena Collection, Monte dei Paschi Collection), Provenzan Salvani (1873 , Siena, Palazzo Pubblico), The oath of Pontida (1884, Siena, Palazzo Pubblico, sketch of Siena, Monte dei Paschi Collection)

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Between 1884 and 1886, he performed frescoes in the Sala del Risorgimento of the Palazzo Pubblico of Siena depicting the Battle of San Martino and the Battle of Palestro

Other works include Cino e Selvaggia (1864, Siena, Pie Disposizioni), Lorenzo de ‘Medici and Galeazzo Sforza (1868, Siena, Chigi Lucarini Saracini Collection, Florence Collection, Private Collection), Bad News (1875-77), Paggio The 18th century (1876), The Virgin of Thought (1876), The Peacock (1876, Florence, Private Collection), David Rizio and Maria Stuarda (1877), Allegory of the Night (1885, Florence, Private Collection) (1885, Vicenza, Collezione Banca Intesa) Next to the Duel (1885-1887, Florence, Private Collection), Don Quixote (1889), The Venus Offer (1891, Florence, Palazzo Pitti Modern Art Gallery, Florence sketch , Private Collection), Women playing pool (Milan, Piceni Foundation)

Amos Cassioli was a mentor to his son Giuseppe Cassioli, a painter and sculptor Other pupils were Napoleone Boni and Ada Mangilli He died in Florence in 1891

He was known also for paintings on classical subjects; many of these, following a 1991 bequest, are conserved in the Museo Cassioli of his native town Asciano A self-portrait is found in the museum