Adaptable robotics

Adaptable robotics are generally based in robot developer kits. This technology is distinguished from static automation due to its capacity to adapt to changing environmental conditions and material features while retaining a degree of predictability required for collaboration (e.g. human-robot collaboration). The degree of adaptability is demonstrated in the way these can be moved around and used in different tasks. Unlike static or factory robots, which have pre-defined way of operating, adaptable robots can function even if a component breaks, making them useful in cases like caring for the elderly, doing household tasks, and rescue work.

The kits come with an open software platform tailored to a range of common robotic functions. The kits also come with common robotics hardware that connects easily with the software (infrared sensors, motors, microphone and video camera), which add to the capabilities of the robot. The process of modifying a robot to achieve varying capabilities such as collaboration could merely include the selection of a module, the exchange of modules, robotic instruction via software, and execution.

Robot kit
A robot kit is a special construction kit for building robots, especially autonomous mobile robots.

Toy robot kits are also supplied by several companies. They are mostly made of plastics elements like Lego Mindstorms, rero Reconfigurable Robot kit, the Robotis Bioloid, Robobuilder, the ROBO-BOX-3.0 (produced by Inex), and the lesser-known KAI Robot (produced by Kaimax), or aluminium elements like Lynxmotion’s Servo Erector Set and the qfix kit.

The kits can consist of: structural elements, mechanical elements, motors (or other actuators), sensors and a controller board to control the inputs and outputs of the robot. In some cases, the kits can be available without electronics as well, to provide the user the opportunity to use his or her own.

Robot kits
Arduino controlling Tamiya (or another) kit
Lego Mindstorms
Qfix robot kit
rero Reconfigurable Robot kit
Robotis Bioloid
Tetrix Robotics Kit
Vex Robotics Design System
Vorpal The Hexapod

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