9th arrondissement of Lyon, France

The 9th arrondissement of Lyon is one of nine districts of the city. It is spread over the districts of Vaise, Gorge de Loup, Saint-Rambert-l’Île-Barbe and La Duchère. The 9th arrondissement of Lyon was created by the detachment of the northern part of the 5th district, including in particular the former municipality of Saint-Rambert-l’Île-Barbe, annexed the previous year. Two thousand years of history have left their successive imprints on the landscape of the city. The heritage of the 9th arrondissement reflects different eras and partly tells the story of Lyon, and wait to be discovered.

The city of Lyon is one of three French municipalities currently divided into municipal districts (with Paris and Marseille ). The 9th district, located in the extreme northwest of the city, the 9th was born in 1964 by the division of the northern part of the 5 th by grouping areas of Vaise, Duchère and the old town of Saint- Rambert-l’Île-Barbe, the latter annexed to the city of Lyon in 1963. It is now undergoing rehabilitation. Yesterday a vast industrial suburb, it is today a residential and tertiary activities zone which enjoys significant growth.

The law No.82-1169 of December 31, 1982 relating to the administrative organization of Paris, Lyon, Marseille and public establishments for inter-municipal cooperation, known as the PLM Law after the names of the cities concerned, is the French law which has established the particular administrative status applicable in particular to the city of Lyon. It was adopted in the context of the decentralization law (known as the Deferre Law) of March 2, 1982.

In this context, the PLM law transformed the former district town halls into structures elected at the local level. However, they are not fully-fledged town halls, and in particular do not levy taxes, but distribute the credits delegated to them by the Lyon Town Hall. However, they manage certain municipal facilities, and are consulted by the City of Lyon before certain decisions of local interest.

Development of the territory
The 9th district was created on August 12, 1964 and today depends on the 1st and 2nd district and Canton IV. Due to its parks and gardens, it is the greenest district after the 6th arrondissement and its Tête d’Or park.

La Duchère project
The 3rd hill in Lyon has been transformed since 2003 under the influence of an ambitious project which tackles urban, social and economic issues head-on and successfully. Now labeled Ecoquartier, La Duchère continues its metamorphosis between city and nature. Emblem of modernity at the time of its construction, La Duchère was created on farmland in the 1960s to meet an urgent need for new housing.

Cultural heritage
Lyon, city of culture is renowned for its major events. In the boroughs, the city’s cultural players have many opportunities to collaborate. Culture emerges from its palaces to the delight of Lyonnais who actively participate in the life of their city. Lyon is also the city of all sports, for adults and children, for professionals and amateurs. In all the districts, sports grounds and gymnasiums allow the 350 clubs and associations of each discipline to benefit from the best training conditions.

Cultural places
Lyon, city of culture is renowned for its major events. The city’s cultural players, large or small, have many opportunities to collaborate in each arrondissement. Culture emerges from its palaces to the delight of Lyonnais who actively participate in the life of their city.

Shows & Cinemas
Along the banks of the Saône is Acte 2 Théâtre with a 104-seat performance hall and a 100 m 2 cabaret area, equipped with a bar. It brings together various activities: Theater, Dance, Song, Exhibitions.

The New Generation Theater – National Dramatic Center of Lyon, directed by the director Joris Mathieu, brings together since September 2015 the Theater Les Ateliers located on the Lyon peninsula and the TNG in the Vaise district. With its four rooms, it is developing an artistic project focused on a theater of imaginations, open to scenic innovations, which ventures to the frontiers of other disciplines.

The New Generation Theater is a place of research and creation, of theatrical production in the diversity of its forms (optical and digital theater, object theater, puppet, plastic or choreographic theater, etc.) and hosting high-level shows. quality. He works so that his creations and co-productions can shine at the local, regional, national and international level.

A higher education institution for music and dance, the CNSMD de Lyon prepares students for the professions of musician and choreographic artist. The course favors ensemble work and dissemination activities: orchestra, XX-21 workshop, chamber music, vocal ensemble, young ballet. Through its public season, which features nearly 300 events, most of them free, the establishment invites you to come and discover the talent of the students, teachers and guest artists.

Lyon is the city of all sports, for adults and children, for professionals and amateurs. In all the districts, sports grounds and gymnasiums allow the 350 clubs and associations in each discipline to benefit from the best training conditions.

Social center
Neighborhood facilities with a social vocation, open to the entire population living nearby, offering reception, entertainment, activities and services with a social purpose. Equipment with a social and multi-generational vocation, a place of animation of social life, a place of concerted and innovative social interventions. Thanks to 7 socio-cultural structures which offer a range of varied activities combining diversity and quality, the 9th district radiates and federates associative energies. These facilities promote solidarity, the participation of residents in the life of the district, intergenerational encounters… so many actions that give concrete meaning to living well together.

MJC Youth and Culture Houses
The Youth and Culture Houses, two in number in the 9th arrondissement, provide activities aimed at meeting the cultural, educational and leisure needs of the inhabitants and associations of the district.

Children’s home
With these 2 centers, one in La Duchère and one in Saint-Rambert, the 9th arrondissement offers you entertainment for your little ones.

A factor of social balance, sport is necessary for the well-being of everyone. This is why it is a priority for municipal action. Building an athletics hall, renovating existing facilities, or hosting emerging sports, contribute to the development of sport in all its practices: leisure, competition, school. 9th district is rich in the contribution of more than 50 sports associations, which makes it the most sporting district in Lyon.

Sports equipments
The practice of sport is growing every year in Lyon. More than 85,000 Lyonnais are now registered (excluding school and university sports) in a sports club in the city. To satisfy them, the 9th arrondissement has significant facilities: 12 gymnasiums, 5 stadiums… allow the 350 clubs and associations in each discipline to benefit from the best training conditions.

Swimming pools
With these two swimming pools, the 9th arrondissement has a great deal of equipment at the service of sport and entertainment. The Duchère swimming pool is an outdoor swimming pool, open from mid-June to the end of August. It is made up of several pools: a small 15-meter pool, a 10-meter pool, a diving pool, a paddling pool and a 50-meter Olympic pool. Two diving boards of 3 and 5 meters, a slide and children’s games on the paddling pool are also available. Many activities are offered there, both in and out of the water (activities for children and teenagers, aquagym, etc.). Vaise swimming pool is made up of two pools: an Olympic pool of 50 x 21 meters, a pool of 10 x 8.6 meters. There is also a diving pit and 3 diving boards, accessible to the public under conditions and at certain time slots only.

Athletics hall
The Stéphane Diagana athletics hall, inaugurated on November 9 and 10, 2012, is one of the major facilities in the urban renewal project for the La Duchère district. This new center of attraction for the Lyon metropolitan area marks the renewal of Lyon’s 3rd hill. The Diagana hall is indeed the largest covered hall in the entire south-eastern quarter of France. The closest examples of covered athletics equipment to this important are in Clermont-Ferrand or Paris. With a capacity of 2,000 places and a surface area of 11,700 m2 of floor space, this magnificent facility designed by the Chabanne & Partenaire firm is a real driving force for the influence of La Duchère, the City of Lyon and of the agglomeration. Managed by the Sports Department of the City of Lyon, the Stéphane Diagana hall is intended to serve all athletes, from schoolchildren to high-level athletes. A variety of audiences will come together in this new center of Lyon athletics. Throughout the winter season, the hall also hosts athletics competitions every weekend.

Parks and gardens
On the nature side, many parks or gardens are an opportunity to enjoy a green setting; whether it is to play sports, to have a family picnic or to cultivate one’s well-being. Oxygenate yourself!

Vaise District – Rochecardon – Industry
The Vaise-Rochecardon-Industrie district has gardens, parks and squares to recharge your batteries with these green spaces!

Champvert District – Gorge De Loup
Greenery, outdoor games and walks or bike rides, these green spaces are a playground for everyone.

La Duchère District
The district of La Duchère, rich in its parks and gardens, is all the more so thanks to the Parc du Vallon, a real green lung in the 9th arrondissement.

Saint-Rambert District – Barbe Island
With its parks, the Saint-Rambert – Île Barbe district contributes to the beautification of our arrondissement. The Ile Barbe on the Saône, is integrated into the territory of the commune of Lyonsince 1963. The first hermits sought solitude there, but from the 5th century an abbey was created, one of the oldest in France. She knew the greatest fame in Carolingian times and then from the 12th century. When it entered into decline, the cult of the Virgin replaced monastic practices until the 19th century, attracting considerable crowds of pilgrims to the Notre-Dame church, spared from destruction. Some vestiges of ancient splendours remain but they are on private land and their visit is very regulated. The charm of the place has not ceased to seduce painters since the 18th century, while three rowing clubs have established their bases in the immediate vicinity at the end of the 19th century.

Shared Gardens
Towards a revitalizing and eco-responsible living environment

Family Gardens
Gardens where it is good to cultivate.

Large green projects

Secret garden
Local green spaces are central to the quality of neighborhood life. In addition to bringing us closer to nature, their virtues are numerous: the calm, relaxation and tranquility they provide are all ways to treat yourself to moments in a setting conducive to escape. The secret garden of Saint-Rambert has all these qualities. And many more that you will soon be able to discover.

By bringing together three different green spaces over more than 4000 m², the church orchard, an English-style wooded park and a meadow open to the sun, the garden will harmoniously blend soft, romantic and relaxing atmospheres. The very restrictive topology of this green space has had a strong influence on the landscape considerations of the City’s green space services and the Big Bang landscape architect. Between the respect and enhancement of the surrounding heritage and the technical challenges of leveling three different spaces, a subtle project was needed that would respond to advanced consultation. Since September 2011 the project has been enriched by the participation of many actors: neighbors, users and members of the Neighborhood Council.

Vallon Park
Located on the edge of La Duchère and Écully, the Vallon park is the “green lung” of the 9th arrondissement. Its narrow, steep-sided route makes it a discreet site, hardly visible from the city and unknown to the Grands Lyonnais. However, it is the 4th largest park in the city of Lyon. This 11-hectare park, which stretches from the Safeguard district to the foot of Boulevard de la Duchère, has experienced a number of malfunctions for a few years (Vaise flooding during heavy rains, lack of visibility of access to the park, some inaccessible paths…) which made it necessary to carry out new developments.

The park’s redevelopment project includes the creation of major hydraulic installations (valleys, retention basins) which allow the natural channeling and management of rainwater and the stream. Once these are completed, the project provides for the creation of varied landscape atmospheres, the staging of the Gorges stream (until now buried) over a large part of the park, the development of original play areas and ‘leisure areas.

Green Links
Some arrondissements offer you green and visual walks, during which you will discover your neighborhoods from another angle… Trails, gardens and nature will give you back a taste for walking. Les Liaisons Vertes is a comprehensive development program for the development of a network of pedestrian paths in the 5th and 9th arrondissements. These are circulation spaces reserved for pedestrians and used for daily trips or walks.

Between 2002 and 2008, two links were built in the 5th arrondissement (rehabilitation and securing of the old Lyon-Vaugneray tramway which became the greenway and creation of a path linking avenue de Ménival to avenue Eisenhower). Secondly, since 2008 and until 2014, the City of Lyon’s action will be stepped up to develop a network of pedestrian paths in the 5th and 9th arrondissements. Today, there are 7 in number, the landscaped, signposted or lighted green links allow walkers and residents to take more than 2.3 km of paths to cross the district, from garden to garden, on foot.