9eme Concept, Paris, France

The 9th Concept is a collective of transdisciplinary artists based in Montreuil. The 9th Concept is structured in 2 parts: On the one hand the development of artistic projects (exhibitions, installations) in solo, collective, in France and abroad. In parallel, the collective collaborates with certain brands, as a producer of artistic projects (special designs, development of artistic concepts, live performances (ephemeral tattoo, serigraphy, etc.), for brands such as Desperados, Puma, Canal + , Spring, Burn, Paris City Hall, Mercedes, etc.

He has developed a creative process that combines graphics, painting, collage, music, street art, happening …

Created in 1990 by Stéphane Carricondo, Ned and Jerk 45, the collective has grown over the years. In 2013, the 9th Concept counts 15 artists, painters, tattoo artists, illustrators, visual artists. The 9th Concept also counts in its history of collaborations with certain musicians: DJs, like Freddy Jay, photographers and videographers.

In the 1980s, groups such as “Bazzoka”, “Les Musulmans Fumants”, “Les Frères Ripoulins” or “Banlieue-Banlieue”, created the “9ème Concept” starts his adventure in Paris, under the impulse of three friends, Stéphane Carricondo, Ned and Jerk 45, after their meeting of Mike Sylla, stylist.

Their group name, which evokes the futuristic universe of “The Incal” by Jodorowsky and Moebius, comes from the title of a cartoon directed by Ned at the time.

When the group crystallizes and takes flight, the protagonists open themselves to all artistic influences:

Traditional: easel painting, engraving, poster
Classics: anatomical drawing, portrait
postmodernists with the geometric and organic currents
surrealists: hallucinatory scenes
Tribals, with prehistoric art, African masks, shamanic paintings
Contemporary European scene with the artists of Figuration Narrative, Figuration Libre and Transavanguardia.
They are also influenced by American underground movements like Futura 2000, Keith Harring or Robbie Connal …

They then propose a synthesis of the audacities of their predecessors in a disorder of various temptations, a priori irreconcilable, but they manage to mix. Some retain a certain taste for political images with a strong visual impact in the continuity of those of Bernard Rancillac or Erró. Others borrow from Hervé Di Rosa his global vision of the world and the artists and craftsmen who compose it. They all meet up with Jean-Michel Basquiat in a raw spontaneity charged with references both to the world of the street and that of music.

What is most characteristic of their aesthetic approaches is the fusion of ethnic art made of tattoos, anthropological photography, references to aboriginal art and typically urban creations that are part of the contemporary artistic movement such as comics , graffiti, graphic design, fashion, design, photography and television.

They solicit all forms of modern art and urban art: advertising, happenings, set decorations, installations, concerts, festivals … and will appeal to them to artists from different fields. To the founders of the collective quickly joined other interpreters, not forgetting the musicians, videographers, DJ who follow them in their manifestations.

In the diversity of their origins their unusual and singular creations remain surprising by their plastic unity. But among them, as among true creators, “erudition is a knowledge without rigor” to quote Picasso because their specificity is also to want to leave the art of the museums to make it accessible to the greatest number. In the same spirit, the members of the collective will also become involved in the life of the city. They are looking for an interactive report with the public of all ages, as they demonstrated at the “Peinture Fraîche” exhibition at the Center Pompidou, on the Rio Biennial Street, or at the “Black and Basque” Festival in Bayonne or “Open the Door” in Houston. During these events the authors of the 9th Concept often offer canvases, frames, artistic frameworks that invite spectators to react, to participate in the work being done. In this way, they allow dialogues between professionals and amateurs, meetings between artists and laypersons. One of the other strong approaches of the collective is found in its role of trainers to artists of the new generation that invite in residence to their workshop.

The artists of the 9th Concept propose a personal style that highlights their distinctive qualities within the group.

Trade shows:
2014 :
Artistic Residence “25th floor” – 9th Concept – Tour Pleyel – Paris – France
Exhibition Jerk 45 solo and Alchemy by Stéphane Carricondo, Ned, Jerk 45 – JAS Galerie- Paris – France
Realization of a wall in collaboration with the collective AKR – Villette Street Festival – La Villette – Paris – France
“Les Ateliers” Festival – Stéphane Carricondo, Romain Froquet – Nantes – France

Live installation Scratchpaper 9th concept – in collaboration with Peter Klasen – Atelier clot, Bramsen and Georges – Paris – France
Exhibition “Urbaetnisme” – Stephane Carricondo, Ned, Jerk 45 – Openspace Gallery – Paris – France
Installation “Graffiti Collectif-homage to Ladislas Kijno” and silkscreen workshop – Stephane Carricondo, Ned, Jerk 45, Clément Laurentin, Alexandre D’Alessio – Black & Basque Festival Ed.2 – Bayonne – France
Exhibition “Constellation” – Stéphane Carricondo – Black Blue – Paris – France
“The Open Door” project – Romain Froquet, Stephane Carricondo, Ned, Jerk 45, Mambo, Clément Laurentin (9th concept) Lovie Olivia, Rahul Mitra, Gonzo 247, Daniel Anguilu, Tierney Malone, Patrick Medrano – United States
Installation “Alchemy” – Stephane Carricondo, Ned, Jerk 45 – Bains Douches – February 2013 – Paris – France
Scratchpaper installation – Alexandre D’Alession, Stephane Carricondo, Ned, Jerk 45, Romain Froquet, Clément Laurentin – Bains Douches – February 2013 – Paris – France
Intervention “What’s 9?” – Center Pompidou – Studio 6/12 – Paris – France

Collective exhibition 9th concept “All roads lead to Marseille” – Road Art Gallery – Marseille – France
Intervention “L’impromptu / Scratchpaper 9eme Concept” – Center Pompidou – Studio 13/16 – Paris – France
Installation Cook my record and Graffiti Collectif – Stephane Carricondo, Ned, Jerk 45, Clément Laurentin, Freddy Jay – Black & Basque Festival Ed.2 – Bayonne – France

Theodore Leduc – Imerys – Gallery Nikki Diana Marquardt – Paris – France – Exhibition “Building Permit” – Stephane Carricondo, Ned, Jerk45, Alexandre D’Alessio, Romain Froquet, Clément Laurentin, Olivia De Bona, Mambo, Jérome Molard, Veenom, la France
Scratchpaper Installation – Stephane Carricondo, Ned, Jerk 45, Romain Froquet – Black & Basque Festival Ed.1 – Bayonne – France

Exhibition “Solipsisme”, Jerk 45 – Espace Commines – France
“Infinite” exhibition, Stephane Carricondo, Orlando Diaz Corvalan – L’Arrière Boutique – Paris
“On my way” exhibition, Olivia De Bona – L’Arrière Boutique – Paris – France
Exhibition «Red», Mambo – L’Arrière Boutique – Paris – France

Exhibition “La tête Ailleurs”, Clement Laurentin – L’Arrière Boutique – Paris – France
Exhibition «Filigrane», Romain Froquet – L’Arrière Boutique – Paris – France
“Imagine Desperados by” – Palais de Tokyo – Paris – France
«Street Biennale» – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
«Exhibition Collectors – 11 years of bottles Desperados by 9e Concept3» – Design Pack Gallery – Paris – France

Jérôme Molard – L’Arrière Boutique – Paris – France
Exhibition “Your Papers SVP”, Ned – L’Arrière Boutique – Paris- France
«Exhibition Collectors Desperados» – traveling exhibition: Strasbourg, Marseille, Bordeaux, Roubaix – France

“Painting Fraîche” – Center Pompidou. – Paris, France
The wall.
«Exposition Collectors Desperados» – La Bellevilloise – Paris – France

«Face to Face» – Center Pompidou – Paris – France
“Les Etiquettes” – Jerk45, Ned, Stéphane Carricondo, Flavien “Mambo” Demarigny, BigJul, Jérôme Molard, Alëxone, Veenom, Clément Laurentin, Romain Froquet, Ankhone, Mast, TÃ,ma, Olivia, Malou, Mery and Speedy Graphito – Paris, France
«Planet Reef» – ​​Gallery Kitchen 93 – Paris – France

2004 :
Exhibition «109» – MK2 Library – Paris – France
Exhibition «109» – Galeria La Santa – Barcelona – Spain
Exhibition «109» – Art Center in the Ile – Geneva – Switzerland

Exhibition «109» – Gallery Kitchen 93 – Bagnolet – France

Exhibition «109» – Magda Danysz Gallery – Paris – France
Exhibition «Le Labyrinthe» – Beach of Anglet – France

Exhibition «Welcome on board» – Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg – France

Exhibition «Urbaethnism» – Paris – France